British shorthair cat breeding started after 1900 in England. They are top crossed from the Persian cats and domestic cats with a powerful physique. At the beginning they were breeded just in the fashion blue. Later in different color variations. The British cat is now undoubtedly one of the most popular breeds. It is mainly thanks to their good-humored nature, a beautiful robust construction of the body, and silky hair.


Traditionally britishcats are calm and have balanced nature. At the kitten's age are as playful as a kitten and live than other breeds. They well get on with other domestic animals. They can also be entertained themselves and waiting for the arrival of the human family members can curtail sleep. They are suitable for people who want to have peaceful domestic cat. British cats are rarely aggressive and use of flint is considered a rarity.


The British cat is from medium-sized to large cat. It has a short and dense coat with well. British cat have huge, round head with a massive cranium. Nose is short, broad and flat. Small ears are slightly rounded, widely set. British cats have large and round eyes, orange or copper color, and also blue are permitted (in colourpoints) or green (in silver with tabby) iris colouration.
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