RU, Aliviero Eugeniy Enjoy

Date of birth: 3.1.2017

Colour: silver shell (BRI ns 12)

Blood group: ?

Tests: FIV/FeLV neg., for HCM, PKD will be tested later

Eugeniy carries LH gene and wide range of colours: golden, point, dilution and chocolate.

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For a long time I was looking around the boy who will be asset for our breeding program. Unfortunately it was very tough to find what I needed. My preferences were pure silver glittering snow white fur, great head with round forehead, small ears and straight nose. We have saying in Slovakia, "True love you will find when you stop looking for it..."and I need to say that ´s true :-) I have almost given up my searching, when suddenly..... In far far away St. Petersburg Victoria late night Victoria published pictures of her new litter, I was impressed! I couldn ´t stop to look at them :-) 4 boys like clones! There were all beautiful in type, the main differences were in colour. Two boys are pointed and last brother chocolate silver shaded boy.
Eugenyi is my love for the first sight. Baby, to whom my sight stopped and my heart started to beat loudly. My fated man!

My big thanks for this georgeous icebear belon to his breeder Victoria Kaphugina! I appreciate his perfect head shape, thick snow white fur, strong body, deep eye colour, nice linings and lot of other qualities! Eugenyi is astonishing boy and I can ´t wait for his first litter in our cattery.

RU, Your Majesty Palmer

Date of birth: 27.12.2013

Colour: silver shaded (BRI ns 11)
Blood group: A?

Tests: FIV/FeLV neg., HCM neg. 03/2015, out of PKD gen. tested N/N parents

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We wellcomed stunning boy with the most affectionate character I could ever wish! His name is RU, Your Majesty Palmer. His journey to us was taking long 17 hours! But because of his perfect cuddled character he welcomed us with neverending purr, purr purr... Palmer is the happiest cat I have ever seen. He has no problems with nothing and nobody. When you look at him, he is immediately comming, wants to play and purrs all the time! Without exeptions, as well in vet :)
Palmer is living with us in our flat, as he is not marking, he enjoys mostly company of our neutered cats.
My thanks for Palmer belongs to his breeder Elena Ryapolova! I appreciate his short fur, beautiful eye colour, perfect linings around his nose, eyes and lips. Palmer is promissing boy and I believe in descending his advantages to his offsprings!

Saphyr- neutered

Date of birth: 05.10.2007

Colour: blue spotted tabby (BRI a 24)


Saphyr is our first cat. He comes from the Prievidza from Mrs. Beatka, where he was pampered by his mother Tamy and uncle Jorik. He has three siblings. Two brothers and one sister named Mafia.
He is a very familiar, intelligent, quiet, somewhat stoic, sometimes lazy, and big tomcat. He loves playing with laser pointers, which he can scramble for hours. Saphyr is neutered and whole days he keeps Felicita’s company. Nowadays, he weights 6.2 kg.
He cleans Feli’s fur and eyes and she relishes it with pleasure. He keeps her beautiful. I think he loves her :)

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