Fantasy Fairy Tale Special Edition, SK

Date of birth: 02.05.2014

Colour: silver shaded (BRI ns 11)

Blood group: A

Tests: FIV/FeLV neg., HCM neg. 09/2016, PKD gen. tested N/N parents

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The main goal of every single breeder is to keep at home baby who was born in his cattery. Carrier of his cattery name. Kitten, which you were blessed to hold in your hands since its very first breath. I have really wished to fulfill my dream, but could hardly believe it will be so soon :-). It wasn ´t planned to enlarge my cattery. BUT...between two snowmen in our F-litter appeared execptional snowflake...our Fairy Tale. Beautiful as her name... Day by day she was more and more beautiful and tirelessly trying to persuade me to stay at home. Look! Which of cats has a nose lobe in heart shape??? :-) It is how it is and she gained my soul not only with her glory, but as well with her friendly nature. Fairy Tale is amazing harmonious cat with round head, perfect eye colour and wonderful profile. Simply cat out of fairy tale :-)

CH Viva Vogue Viva La Diva, RU

Date of birth: 24.03.2012

Colour: silver shaded (BRI ns 11)

Blood group: A

Tests: FIV/FeLV neg., HCM neg. 04/2013, 03/2015, PKD gen. test N/N

Colorpoint and longhair carrier!

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I fell in love again. This time the stunning snow tomcat Neo living in Viva Vogue cattery. I really wished to have his child at home. When I saw a little white snow ball on the first photos, it was decided. The word gave the word and four months later Diva joined us. Diva is our new hope in my breeding program. Beautiful green-eyed doll with big heart and excellent friendly temperament. Very harmonious girl with round head, big eyes, well set ears, nice profile and dense fur. There are no words to describe her beauty and her personality and I don’t really think it is necessary to do that, just take a look at her gorgeous pictures and make your own opinion. Elena, thank you very much for the confidence you gave me, I ensure you, that our girl is in good hands.

IC Bayadaya Micekace, SK

Date of birth: 28.01.2008

Colour: choco point (BRI b 33)

Blood group: A/b

Tests: FIV/FeLV neg., HCM neg. 02/2011, 10/2013, PKD gen. test N/N

Longhair and dilution carrier!

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Felicitas comes from Trenčín.
She was born on 28th of January, 2008 in litter with 4 other siblings. She has one sister and three brothers. She is a big and gorgeous cat with plushy coat and cobby body. Feli is like a little bear, nowadays her weight is around 5kg.
I believe that as a breeding cat she will be a good mother and will have beautiful kittens.
She is the opposite of Saphyr. She is very lively, extremely curious, smooth-talking and fast pussy. If she feels an adventure, she must be in the center of that event. She chases flies, mosquitoes, jumps into the shower corner, can unwind the whole toilet paper, opens the door, creeps in a wardrobe and still she pretends she hasn’t done anything.
She loves drinking water from the tap in the sink and cleaning droplets, which left on it.
As the time for eating comes, she can ask the meal with great perseverance and when you look into her blue eyes, she gets you totally.

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